The Effectiveness of Cognitive behavioral group play therapy(CBGPT) on externalizing-internalizing problems inorphan & poor parenting children’s



Supervisor Dr. A.mashhadi(Ph.d)

Advisor:Dr S.M. Asgari Nekah(Ph.d)

Psychology and Special Education Ph.D.
Assistant Professor  Department of Educational Sciences
Educational sciences & Psychology Faculty 
Ferdowsi University Of Mashhad(FUM)
Mashhad, Iran.

Introduction: The main goal of family-like centers is providing the major function of family for orphan and poor parenting children. However, only transferring these children from harmful environment to an environment with less harm does not seem enough. The grief of loss of family exposes children to psychological, behavioral and academic problems. The aim of present study is to assess the effectiveness of cognitive-behavioral play group therapy on decreasing externalized and internalized problems of orphan and poor parenting children.Methods:  in this study 20 attending primary school girls participated from two Children Houses which were randomly divided into two groups of experiment and control. Those who attended the experiment group received 16 sessions, 3 times a week, of CBPT and educators responded to Achenbach behavioral survey (parent form) for all participants as pretest, post test and follow up (a month after the end of intervention). In order to analyze the data, covariance has been used. Results:  the results of this study indicate that CBPT decreased the internalized problems significantly at post test (P<0.005) as well as follow up (P<0.001). It also decreased the externalized problems significantly at post test (P<0.001) as well as follow up (P<0.001). The results also showed that subscales of depression and anxiety have also decreased but not in the subscale of aggression.Discussion: due to the high prevalence of behavioral problems among the orphan and poor parenting children and the atrocious consequences and even more serious at their adulthood, treatment of internalized-externalized problems is very essential. And CBPT by presenting the CBT techniques and designing and conducting games for each problem would decrease the internalized and externalized problems among the orphan and poor parenting children and this treatment is recommended for children for its attraction.

Key words: Cognitive behavioral group play therapy(CBGPT), orphan & poor parenting children, externalizing problems, internalizing problems.

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