Effectiveness of the Linguistic Plays on Improving the Reading Skills of Educable Mentally Retarded Students

Supervisor: Dr. Mohsen AsgharyNekah
Psychology and Special Education Ph.D.
Assistant Professor  Department of Educational Sciences

Educational sciences & Psychology Faculty 
Ferdowsi University Of Mashhad(FUM)
Mashhad, Iran. asghari-n@um.ac.ir

Advisor: Dr Hadi  Mohhamadpur

By: Mahdi Alinejad  2013



The present study has been conducted with the purpose of exploring linguistic games in increasing reading skill among retarded students. The kind of the study is quasi-experimental with pre-test and post-test, being conducted among all retarded students studying in second grade of elementary schools at Mashhad. The sample included 30 subjects, randomly selected and assigned as experimental and control. Then the experimental group received 20 45-min sessions of linguistic games. In data collection we used two standard tests, namely Raven children test for homogenous subjects, and phonemic knowledge test, and also two researcher-made tests of reading speed and comprehension with appropriate validity and reliability. In data analysis, in descriptive level, we used indicators of central tendency, dispersion index, frequency distribution table, diagram and etc. and in inferential level, in addition to examining the normality of data and investigating test hypotheses we used covariance analysis and t-test. the findings show that: 1. Phonemic skill score of retarded students receiving intervention (linguistic games), has been higher compared to control group (p<0.001) 2. No difference has been found regarding reading speed score among both groups. (p<0.102). 3.  Reading comprehension score of experimental group has been higher than control group (  p<0.001). therefore, the results indicate that this educational method has been appropriate and can increase retarded students' reading skill.

Keywords: Mentally retarded student, linguistic games, phonemic skill, reading skill, reading speed, comprehension

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